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Fly Fishing Romania is our family project, based on our desire to share with you, our guests, the beauty of our homeland, Romania: its nature, its culture and its mysteries. It is our way of playing a part in the protection and preservation of this beauty and to share it with you. Why? Because we really want that the younger generations will be able to share the same thrill of catching wild trout on few of Europe’s last wild rivers.

Our project focuses therefore not only on the promotion of fly fishing itself in Romania, but moreover on the practice of a sustainable fly fishing in our homeland.

We address ourselves to all fly fishing and nature lovers and to those, who are ready to explore wild and catchy mountain rivers (and not only these) together with us and others who share the same interest.


Hi, I’m Liviu Neagoe, a.k.a. “Doc”. Hello, my name is Liviu and I am a specialist in urology, with a lot of experience in general surgery and emergency medicine. Besides my job, I love being outdoors: I’m a mountain climber & have been on expeditions. Been also practicing fly fishing for over 15 years and am a passionate salmon fly fisherman. Nature is my church.

The Romanian wilderness stands as one of the last bastions in the way of “progress”: Romania still has untouched nature, the largest wildlife population in Europe (after Russia), a rich culture & history and the friendliest way of its inhabitants, to share all this with their guests.

Since I’ve been sharing my life with Smara, I’ve got to know the beauties of Romania from a different perspective. The most important thing is that together we could collect ideas for the protection and promotion of these values – we became promoters of ecotourism in Romania.

This is the way we braught our family project, Fly Fishing Romania, into being: in order to share valuable moments with you, dear guests, in the beautiful nature of our homeland and at the same time to contribute to its protection. This is our way of saying: “Nature, we thank you!”, “Romania, thank you!”, Welcome home!


My name is Smaranda. Simply: Smara. Born in Transylvania-Romania, lived for 7 years in Germany & now I’m in Switzerland.

I’m your first contact person & the one organizing your next fly fishing trip to Romania :) I’m also the one who’s very happy leading our fly fishing camps, while teaching kids how to fly fish & to enjoy nature in a responsible way. Why is that? Well I’m a Geographer and specialized in Tourism Geography, with Master Degrees in Sustainable Planning and Landuse & Education for Sustainable Development.

I came into the world of fly fishing thanks to my husband, Liviu, and I yes, I do enjoy practicing it very much! :) For me it’s super fun, it’s therapy and a hoby that changed my life forever :)

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