spin fishing and fly fishing for pike, catfish zander & carp


“Delta Blues”

spin fishing and fly fishing for pike, catfish zander & carp


“Delta Blues”

Welcome to our show of “Delta Blues” in the Danube Delta! :)

Being one of the most precious pieces of nature our home country has, we’re sooo happy to be able to welcome you to the Danube Delta as well!

Before you get here, you should know that it is a unique place, of over 4100 km², what makes it 7 times larger than the well-known Lake Constance (Bodensee). And when you think it is formed from pieces of earth from almost all over Europe carried by the Danube and its tributaries almost 3000 km all the way to the Black Sea, and deposited as the largest piece of young land Europe has West of Volga, it gets even more mesmerizing…

The Danube Delta is formed at the crossroads of different climatic conditions, being rather continental, with pontic/marine influence, so here you’ll get an average summer temperature of 22,7°C (normal for Romania), less rain (approx. 300-400), but more air humidity (up to 80% or more, especially in the winter time). The landscape here is in a constant change while its made by a mixture of steppe, naturally developed woodlands, brackish, freshwater water bodies, islands and channels, forming, according to UNESCO, the largest European wetland and reed bed and therefore “Europe’s largest water purification system”.

This uninterrupted battle between dry and wet land makes this place even more appealing, while observing how living-beings have continuously adapted to it. Today there are known not less than 1911 species of flora, 311 species of birds crossing in masses this amazing area every year, 44 of mammals and 133 species of fish, including the protected sturgeon, that all make this piece of land a treasure itself.

It’s not only the biodiversity of this magical place that made it a treasure for people inhabiting it (since Neolithic Ages!), but also its geopolitical position that made the youngest piece of land get ruled by Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans! The numerous ruins, the language and the traditions bear witness of its rich history, a colorful cultural mix, completed by the newer population of Bulgarian, Gagauz, Lipovan, Moldavan, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian people, living scattered across the delta in small villages.

This biological and cultural diversity is the reason for authorities to nominate 1998 a part of over 730.000 ha of the Danube Delta as Biosphere Reserve, most of the territory belonging to Romania, the rest to Ukraine.

So yes, feel welcome to enjoy our Danube “Delta Blues” laid back or more actively ;) It’s your choice. There are plenty of things to do and visit once you’re here (here’s a touristic map to consult), bird-watching and fishing remaining the most beloved activities.

Experience great fishing in this special piece of land and listen to the music the Danube’s waves are making! Let yourself guided by our keen local fishermen and get the insights of what the Danube Delta really means. You’ll be amazed by its nature and its culture as well, while having the possibility to fish and to travel around. We can imagine that a few days of intense fishing, followed by a nice and easy trekking tour in Macin National Park, then by some wine tasting in one of the best-known Romanian vinicultural regions (Sarica-Niculitel, Murfatlar or Istria-Babadag) and maybe by some free time at the Black Sea-side would make out of your fishing tour a splendid experience with us! :)

Fishing is one of the oldest occupations of the Danube Delta population and is also currently an important economic activity for more than half of the active local population. So you must follow as a tourist some fishing rules:

Sports fishing is allowed under specific conditions in preserved areas (for pike: no kill!), and on private lakes, where mostly the caught fish must also be released (C&R).

Depending on what fish are you willing to fish for, we recommend to plan your trip as follows:

  • for pike: springtime;
  • for catfish: early summer until August (despite hot temperatures in August);
  • for zander, carp and catfish: autumn (October-November);

So what do you say? Got hooked?


Danube Delta


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We can organize you 2 to 4 days or more for both:

  • fishing on natural waters outside and inside the Biosphere Reserve – for pike, perch, asp, pike-perch, carp and Prussian carp (pike is C&R only!) and
  • on private lakes – mostly for pike (with C&R only!)

Services always included in our price offer will be: accommodation, guiding, boat rental, fishing tax, fishing permit costs.

You can either camp, overnight in guesthouses, hotels or floating hotels

You can book on request: B&B, half-, or full-board, the fishing equipment and the optional tours/activities.

Optional activities:
If you question yourself, yes, you may definitely also spin fish with us in the Danube Delta :) And once you’re there and willing to experience some more about the Danube Delta, you can also let yourself inspired by the following traveling possibilities:

  • in the Delta: wildlife and flora discover tours, bird-watching, cultural sightseeing (traditional fishermen’s villages and more), canoeing, biking
  • in Măcin National Park: hiking through Europe’s oldest mountain chain (Hercynian orogeny), wine degustation (Sarica-Niculițel vineyard and more), monasteries visits (the Dobrogean monasteries)
  • at the Black Sea-side: sun bath, psammotherapy, mud therapy (Lake Techirghiol), time off, nightlife (Mamaia, Constanța etc.)
  • in Bucharest: city-sightseeing

But how to get there? Depending on your location, you can either drive, fly, or come by sea :) We would strongly recommend though to fly, either to Bucharest, or to Constanta (for the ones of you traveling from and to Istanbul & London).

Don’t hesitate, contact us and experience our deltaic fishing adventure! :)


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Foto credits: Smaranda Neagoe, Vlad Tocae und www.peapa.ro & Florin Palade und www.atutravel.ro