fly fishing for brown trout & grayling


a Heaven for Trout

fly fishing for brown trout & grayling


a Heaven for Trout

Iadului Valley (Valley of Hell) has some of its springs in Stâna de Vale, the area also known for the famous spring Izvorul Minunilor (Spring of Miracles). Downstream from here, the valley gets bigger, receiving a series of tributaries and flows tumultuously while crossing breathtaking landscapes formed on limestone, until it forms the largest and most famous waterfall in the area, the Iadolina Waterfall. It is easily accessible, being just near the main street and it’s a “must see” on our tour :)

Upper river section in the Valley of Hell

We’ll have our base camp in Remeţi, from where we’ll have the best starting point for all our fishing and sight-seeing trips. Since the river is well accessible for not less than 50 km of its length, we will surely travel along the river to different fishing spots all through the week.

Fly fishermen on different river sections in the Valley of Hell

Hence we will have the chance to explore the upper part of the river Iad, upstream of the Lesu Dam, which is also the most wild and attractive and where we can also catch some grayling (strongly protected in Romania! So… no kill!).

Our play partners: brown trout and the European grayling in the Valley of Hell

Downstream of this dam, we can occasionally meet some chub in our chase for our main fishing partners, the indigenous brownies. The whole region is a perfect home for brown trout, whereas due to the numerous trout farms established here, from time to time, we can find at the end of the line some escaped brook trout and seldom some rainbow trout as well. If you’re willing to experience also some lake fishing, we can go fish the Lake Floroiu that has a main fish population of chub.

After a few days of fishing we can imagine that a short break would make everyone happy! So we invite you to have a closer look at the gorgeous nature of Apuseni Mts., and explore with us some of the well-known caves from this part of the Carpathians.

The Crystals Cave (Pestera cu Cristale) and Meziad Cave are an absolute highlight being also astonishingly different. On the way to the caves we’ll cross Roșia commune, as one of the few rural areas where communist collectivization hasn’t been practiced. The commune gethers typical mountain villages and hamlets, where old, traditional and scattered houses can still be seen. The Crystals Cave from Farcu Mine was discovered in 1987 and has been technologically and environmentally friendly furnished as a tourist attraction. To get to the cave we have to walk through 200 m of mine galleries and another 100 m of cave galleries, naturally sculpted by underground water and adorned with unique formations and crystals. Here we also have the opportunity to visit here the mining museum.

Meziad Cave and the Crystals Cave in Apuseni Mts.

One of our favorite caves is Meziad Cave! Here you’ll be amazed by the diversity of the underground formations, this cave being so much different than the one you’ve just visited! In the cave have been also found fossils of the cave bear, which lived here 300,000 years ago, followed by over 5000 years old pottery remains, belonging to the transition time to the Bronze Age. Moreover, Meziad Cave is also known for its endemic caverniculous inhabitants, especially the numerous bat colonies.

We offer you also other ways of enjoying your holiday either actively, or rather laid-back! A stopover in the old, famous spa resort Felix would be for anyone who’d like to relax their bones in thermal water and enjoy a first-class wellness experience! Then we can organize you a combination of fishing with trekking. In this sense, we invite you to take a day or half-day trip through the breathtaking gorge of the River Crişul Repede (Defileul Crişului Repede). Here you can chose from a 2-hour round trip or a longer trekking tour, by crossing the Fairys’ Wall (Peretele Zânelor) through a 150 m long via ferrata path.

At the fairy wall – photo credit see below

Other ways of enjoying the beautiful nature in the region are mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, or canoeing, while some of you are free to explore with us more of the local cultural landscape.

Optionally, you can also choose to experience a few hours of scientific fishing to study the fish fauna and to get to know the less “observable” species in the Romanian mountain rivers, from the European bullhead and the stone loach, to the Romanian barbell or the Carpathian brook lamprey, of course all with a special authorization.


Apuseni Mountains – Western Carpathians


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Detailed tour description

Please notice that the program is flexible and can be adjusted according to the preferences that can be discussed with the guide.

Day 1, Saturday:
Pick-up in Oradea, or at Cluj-Napoca International Airport (determined by prior agreement).Drive up in the Hell Valley to the fly fishing location and accommodation.
According to time of arrival: lunch and/or dinner.
Technical meeting: presentation of the area, river map, flies, techniques.
If time allows, fly fishing in the evening.
Day 2, Sunday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfast.Fly fishing different sectors of the river.
12:30 p.m.: lunch break & free time.
04:00 p.m. to 07:30 p.m.: fly fishing.
07:30 p.m.: dinner.

Day 3, Monday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfast.
Fly fishing – changing river sectors.
12:30 p.m.: lunch break.
01:30 to 03:00 p.m.: fly tying session, tips and tricks, best flies.
04:00 p.m. to 07:30 p.m.: fly fishing.
07:30 p.m.: dinner.

Day 4, Tuesday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfast.
Day trip to Roșia, to the Crystals Cave from Farcu Mine and Meziad Cave. Lunch to take (sandwiches). Trip back to the accommodation.
According to time of arrival, in the afternoon or evening, free time, or fly fishing.
07:30 p.m.: dinner.
Day 5, Wednesday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfast.
Fly fishing on other river sectors or on Floroiu Lake in 2 sessions (boats provided).
Lunch on the water. Return to accommodation and free time until dinner.
07:30 p.m.: dinner.
Day 6, Thursday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfast.
Half-day trip to the gorges of Crișul Repede River (Defileul Crișului Repede). Trekking. Optional: The via ferrata route from the Fairys’ Wall.
Lunch to take (sandwiches). Trip back to the accommodation. Free time until dinner.
07:30 p.m.: dinner.
Day 7, Friday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfastFly fishing on different sectors of the river.
12:30 p.m.: lunch at accommodation.
Free time or time for more fly fishing.
07:30 p.m.: dinner and goodbye party (if weather allows and if wanted, campfire).
Day 8, Saturday:
07:00 to 08:00 a.m.: breakfastAccording to scheduled flights, fly fishing in the morning and/or transfer to the airport.


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