we thought it would be nice to share a hypothetical letter from a guided fly fishing trip and to share Geroge’s experience with you ;) Enjoy! :)

Letter from my fly fishing trip

laughing fish“Dear Family,

our guide told us to write home, ‘cause maybe you’ve seen the flood on TV and you are worried. We are OK! The water took only one tent and 2 sleeping bags. Fortunately no one drowned because we were all up on the mountain searching for Christian. By the way, could one of you please call Christian’s mom and tell her that everything is ok. He cannot write himself. He broke his arm.

I took a ride in this mountain guide jeep. It was GREAT! We never would have found Christian in that darkness without all these really cool lightnings all around us. Our guide, Victor, got really angry with Christian leaving without telling anyone. Christian said he told him, but it was during the fire, so maybe he didn’t hear. Did you know that if you poor gasoline on fire the gas canister will explode? The wet wood did not burn but one of the tents did. So did our waders. Dan will look kind of funny until his hair grows back on.

Fishing is great but we learn to really get in touch with nature. Victor told us that some thieves stole our entire fly fishing gear last night. We are making our own rods now from tree branches. Mike can cast his almost 8ft now! This is real fishing for real men!

We are returning home on Saturday if our guide, Victor, manages to fix the jeep. The brakes were working fine when we left! Victor said that with an old car like that, something always breaks down. Maybe that’s why he has no insurance. It seems to me like a very nice car! Victor doesn’t get angry when we get it dirty and he lets us stay on the hood to chill. It gets pretty warm with 13 people inside. He even let us stay in the trunk until a policeman stopped him. Our guide is really cool! He is teaching Tudor to drive on these mountain roads. All we see is trucks loaded with logs. This morning everybody was jumping in the lake from the cliffs. He didn’t let me do it ’cause I can’t swim and Christian has a broken arm, so we got to ride the boat. It was AMAZING! You could see under the water the broken trees from the flood. Victor is not such a pain in the ass like the other guides I know. He even lets us ride without life jackets. He needs to spend some time working on the car so we don’t want to give him trouble.

Guess what! All of us got badges for the first aid class. We even made a very nice eyeball out of an old oak root for Mike after he pulled his left one out 2 days ago with a streamer. When Dan chopped his arm off while making the fire, we learned to suture veins! Mike and I puked our insides out but our guide said it’s from the bad chicken. He also said that prison food was worse. I am glad that he got out! He said now he learned to do things the right way. By the way, what’s a manic-depressive disorder? Victor says it’s not that bad. Need to go now; we drive to the city to send our letters and to buy some Vaseline. Victor says he’s got something special for us tonight. Some sort of party between real men he said. Don’t worry. We are ok.


George. “

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