Fly Fishing Romania turns 5 this year! :) Thus we decided to celebrate these 5 years of beautiful fishing adventures in Romania shared with our guests, by taking part to more European sportfishing trades. This way we get to meet more of you, nature and fly fishing lovers – a fulfilling experience for us, one that makes us every time very happy.

The first sportfishing trade planned for this year took place on the weekend between the 26-27th of January in Zürich, Switzerland: the so called “Schweizer Sportfischer Messe“. We knew it wasn’t a trade with a rich history behind, being just the second year it’s been organized. Nevertheless this was exactly our motivation: history has to be written – for us and for the organizers. So there we were, with our two brands: Fly Fishing Romania & Revolution-Amadou – for the first time in Switzerland :)

The organizers, Istepan Gezer and Ralf Wirtensohn, succeeded this year to attract approx. 1700 fishing visitors for their trade, a few hundred more than last year. They wanted to have for all fishermen and women something to offer: from workshops, to boats and kayaks, to boilies, rods and travel opportunities – and that in the beautiful city of Zürich.

So of course, not all of the visitors were fly fishers, as not all the booths were addressed to them. But that turned out to be absolutely great! All the ones who came and talked to us showed a remarkable interest in what we offer and took their time to get to know us – a great plus for every service provider, for us as well :) So we thank all our old and new friends for coming by – it was a real pleasure and enriching time! And thank you Ralf & Gezi for your great commitment and for your shared enthusiasm by having us there ;)



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