BFFI 2020

New year, new plans, new expectations and experiences 😊 It’s just the middle of February and we’ve already been to two fishing trade shows: the Swiss Sportfishing Trade, which was again a super nice experience for us – many thanks to Ralf und Gezi for having us there again and many thanks to all of you, who came by! – and the BFFI British Fly Fair International, which took place 2 weeks after. Planning and organizing our participation to these two European fishing fairs was energizing and frankly, we can’t wait to take part to the last one for us this year, the well-known EWF “Experience the World of Fly Fishing”!

Especially our trip to Stafford, where the BFFI is held, would be the first ever for us, and also the first made as exhibitors by plane! We’ve had a great time in London last year and were delighted when, after the show, the organizers of the BFFI, sent us an invitation to take part to their fair as well. So, hoping that we would have similar positive experiences in Stafford, we gratefully honoured their invitation. We heartily thank herewith Steve and Bridgette Cooper for inviting us on board! ;)


Despite the crazy weather conditions with heavy winds and rain in the UK, we were happy to safely land in Birmingham, from where we would take a car to the Staffordshire County Showground, where we built up our booth in no time. What a pain in the arse was it this time to drive on the left, on narrow roads (!), while also having the wheal not where we’re used to have it :D But thank God, we’ve arrived safe and sound at our hotel as well, in Stafford’s downtown. We could even take notice of the pleasant surroundings! :D A laid-back atmosphere in a green, cosy countryside – then the beautiful, warm architecture of the Medieval Stafford – such a shame having that weather… so we rather stayed inside.

After a long sleep, next morning at the showground, we managed to take a quick walk through the stands and meet some of the exhibitors. We soon found great company and managed to see the scale of the whole show – which is, by the way, huge! We were seriously impressed: there were awful lot of fly tying tackle everywhere, loaded, colourful stands and over 50 fly tiers showing their best tips and tricks to the public. And then, as the doors opened, bang! We were taken aback by having so many visitors at the stand! There were soooo many who were actually very interested in our fly fishing tours in Romania, not just having a chat :D As we mainly offer trout and grayling fishing in the gorgeous Carpathians and in Transylvania, we very much enjoyed being there and talking almost non-stop until 3 p.m. Our tour in the Danube Delta was also appealing to some pike fishing lovers. Both Saturday and Sunday were great, despite the hurricane-similar weather outside. Our amadou products and custom, specialized flies were extremely well received as well by the public and by the exhibitors. It was a great experience, for which we are very thankful! We’ve very well managed to appeal to new customers and establish new business relations.

We chose to fly back on Monday, with the hope that we’ll be able to visit Birmingham as well – but as you may already guess, the only souvenirs for both of us were new umbrellas and a long walk through Grand Central, the largest mall in the city :p

The best part of flying only on Monday was that we managed that way to take off on good weather – and land in Zürich… after the second attempt! :D :D Man, that was a rough ride!

If no hurricanes, beware! We there again in 2021! 😊 Many thanks again to the organizers and to all who came by! It was a great show for us and we’re happy to meet you all again at the latest in 2021! 😊

P.S.: many thanks to Gayle Marsh for the perfect title picture & to Steve Cooper for the Showground’s picture! 😉

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