Fly fishing and fly tying is not just a hobby or a sport, but has become more of a lifestyle for our friends from Borisfly.

Here’s their story:

“Wandering in nature is an effective way to forget our troubles, everyday problems, and to pursue our passion spiritually cleansed. Experience and practice over the years has prompted us to assess the quality of our work on different fly tying competitions, where we have achieved real success. We are especially proud of our colleague Gyorfi Zsolt, who won first place in his category at the 2015 EFFA world tournament. This achievement has motivated us to offer our services and products to fly fishers all over the world.

In 2016 we created the brand called “Borisfly”. Our primary goal is to produce high quality exclusive flies. By selecting the best raw materials together with our tying techniques, we can perfectly meet the needs and demands of our customers. Using a filter based on several criteria, our website allows customers to choose the perfect artificial flies that will suite their needs.

Dry flies

According to many anglers dry fly fishing is one of the most spectacular and most stylish fishing methods. Since we mostly try to catch fish that can be seen, it’s certainly one of the most exciting things.

The classic dry flies are considered universal baits, as they are effective in most situations and bring excellent results in the most diverse waters. The trout, grayling and chub can be easily caught with these types of flies.

Cdc dry flies are more and more popular in recent years. Especially in autumn they are the big favorites of trout and grayling.

The terrestrial dry flies can be perfectly used mostly in lake and slower river sections with trees and bushes. The trout and chub simply loves it.


Nymph fishing is maybe one of the most efficient methods of all, as it is effective in every time, any season, any weather conditions both on rivers and lakes.

The small perdigon nymphs bring very good results in rivers with deep and clear water, in the summer, and especially in autumn. If someone is targeting trout or grayling, these variants are indispensable.

The imitation of scud nymph is one of the most successful types, especially in river sections situated below dams. Here, in the vegetation covering the rocks lying at the bottom of the water, a huge number of these little creatures can be found.

The larger and heavier nymphs are used to catch bigger examples hidden at the bottom of deeper river sections. Beside the trout, it is very effective in catching chub, nases and barbells.


The most popular flies for catching larger predators are the streamers. They can be used both in sweet and salty waters for all species of predatory fish.

The trout streamers are smaller fish imitations, which are used in deeper river sections and lakes. Besides the trout and chub, bass also like to attack it.

The big streamers are used mostly for hucho and pike, but the catfish, pike perch, bass and large marine predators prefer it as well.”

Györfi Zsolt and Szabó András

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