15 years of EFW – 5 years of FFR

Dear all, as you may all already know, all the public events and fairs have been cancelled due to the actual corona-pandemic – among them also this year’s EWF (Experience the World of Fly Fishing). It is a 15 years old fly fishing fair, of great proportions and reputation, at which we’ve also first represented Romania on the fly fishing scene 5 years ago. Therefore, at this year’s EWF, planned for this coming weekend, we should have celebrated together with all our fans and friends not only the 15th anniversary of the fair, but also the 5th one of Fly Fishing Romania.

Since we aren’t able to do that anymore, we’ve embraced the fantastic initiative of the organizers, to support each other and to offer FREE TICKETS for next year’s EWF scheduled for April 17-18th 2021!

So what do you have TO DO:

Is either BUY one of our PREMIUM Revolution-Amadou and assure your ONE-DAY ticket or,
BOOK one TOUR with Fly Fishing Romania for next year and assure a TWO-DAY free entrance.

Nota bene! The SPECIAL OFFER is valid until APRIL 5th 2020!!!

For more information check out the event’s homepage or watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxLkBGYE4tk&pbjreload=10&fbclid=IwAR2IEy1cvId_LyH70ekAHThL6TVuUOaHNiP4qvNF02Eltd4xUS9zHTeXKTg

We’re happy to receive your requests and we wish you the best of health!

Yours, Liviu & Smaranda

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