Are we the ones who enjoy a “simple”, quiet life? But of course not – we should definitely learn it though! :D So here we are, after 7 years of Fly Fishing Romania, with a new project! And it’s not just an ordinary project (what’s ordinary?!) it’s a huge one, that will certainly need and win your attention 😉 And no worries: Fly Fishing Romania will still take you on tour through our homeland 😊

So here it is, our new endeavor, iELELE – you can call it/them the first fly fishing lodges in Romania! :D Did you click to see the website yet? Do it now! 😉 You’ll maybe recognize some of the pictures… A certain proof for being the same small family team as of Fly Fishing Romania & of Revolution-Amadou :)

Where did all begin? Liviu and I have decided 4 years ago to buy 4 old, traditional wooden houses, originating from Maramuresh historical region (North Romania) and played with the idea of “upcycling” & restoring them in traditional ways, in order to become functional, healthy vacation homes. They date from the time when houses could be disassembled, loaded onto horse-pulled carriages and relocated to new pastures. So yes… they are over 100 years old.

It took us other 2 years to take it seriously and gather energy, courage and… other needed resources 😉 and decided to pursue their history and move the houses (again) to our estate in the Apuseni Nature Park, in Smida, where – by the way – we’ve been organizing our fly fishing tour “Transylvania – beyond the legend”.

We’ve placed the houses, as pieces of art, on solid pedestals and traditionally rebuilt their main wooden walls & verandas. The loam and wood itself will foster a healthy living environment, which all together with the intimacy & quietness, the mountain breeze & the view upon the whole valley will certainly be of great value for all of us.

As in all traditional Romanian houses, you will find at “iELELE” simplicity, utility & the care for details. Each element of the traditional houses is justified by the lifestyle of the owner, by the traditions they respect and their the relationship with nature. “iELELE” will reflect therefore our own love for nature, art, simplicity and high quality.

We’ve uploaded some pictures & prepared a summary here and are kindly inviting you to discover what other activities we’ll organize for you and your outdoors loving friends – so don’ forget to tell them about us 😊. For a closer follow, click these links to land on our FB & Instagram accounts.

We’re here to read / hear out your feedback!


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