Fly fishing brings beautiful people together, that’s one of my conclusions after my personal first year as fly fisher-woman :) One could say that every hobby does that, but I would in return say that there’s something special about fly fishing though..

For example, its closeness to nature: it makes you see and respect .. and maybe preserve more of its beauty, it makes you understand a part of how it works and makes you eventually be aware that you are just a part of it and that you aren’t the one who’s setting the rules :)

Then, the necessity of staying active, ’cause there’s a lot more in fly fishing, then just the well-known “sitting around and waiting for the fish to bite”: fly fishing gets you moving around, up and downstream, through or along the water course, in order to spot the perfect fishing site.

And one other thing that must be mentioned in this matter is that fly fishing is working as a tranquilizer: it’s the perfect medicine for getting away from stressful thoughts or outside pressure, just by being in nature and by setting yourself a goal (catch fish!), concentrating to reach it (read water and other environmental conditions, understand them, chose the right bait, cast and present it properly) and enjoying the achievement while adrenaline and endorphin rush through your veins (finally, the hunter in you prevails!! :) ).

Do these three things make us all fly fishermen and women beautiful? well, of course there’re some few exceptions, but, Yes! A nature-loving, active, relaxed and happy person cannot be a bad person, right?

So, my other conclusions are that I can’t wait to meet some more of you, fly fishers, next season! :) and that I’m very thankful for making myself some great new friends! ;)

yours, Smara

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