A handful of passionate fly fishermen have set out to organize this autumn the first fly-tying-get-together of North Rhine-Westphalia, with the aim of satisfying the great demand for such a gathering in the region.

With great dedication and effort, Rolf Nathues and Daniel Wilmers were able to set up the event and gather 13 fly-tiers from all over Germany and the Netherlands as well as the EFFA representative for Germany, Dominik Borrmann, for a casting demonstration. Fly tiers such as Wolfgang Wache, Nico Klockow, Hans E. Hilgers, Frank Fusch, Peter Joest, Johan Put, Regine Maguhna, Joerg Haußner, Marc Rädisch, Marlo Bardehle, Daniel Wilmers, John Elbers, Jan Aben and Robert Wolhorn were able to demonstrate their binding techniques. From an entomological point of view, the art of tying flies was also explained in a practical way by Jörg Haußner, whereby the topic of aquatic ecology was given an important place.

We also brought up this topic and were happy to have the chance to present our sustainability-based approach in producing our Revolution-Amadou, as well as our sustainability project. Thanks to the organizers, the 1st Fly Tying NRW was also a charity event, with the help of which, our future fly fishing camp will get support through fundraising.

The fundraising itself is to be seen as a heartfelt wish of some of the organizers of this event, who made this effort, to procure 20 basic equipment for fly tying. Thanks to them, the children participating on our future camp will be able to also take part to a complementary fly tying event, and moreover, to be able to tie flies even after the end of our 4-day event. For us, just an unexpectedly great initiative of our fly fishing friends, for which we are deeply grateful!

Thanks to the varied offer, the premises of the restaurant Terhörne in Südlohn gave room for a lively and passionate exchange of ideas and knowledge between about 300 more or less experienced tiers and fly fishermen. Thanks to this event we’ve gathered donations for our fly fishing camp from Fly Fishing Nation Pro Shop & Fario GmbH 20 fly tying vises and 20 fly boxes, sufficient chenille and styrofoam balls from Frank Fuchs and 1 net and a 7-8 # rod from other visitors. In addition, 440 euros were collected for the procurement of the missing basic equipment for fly tying, in total a great support, for which we would like to thank all of you once again, especially to Jörg Haußner and Yvonne Borrmann!

Liviu & Smara

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