A new age, a new experience at the EWF

Loaded with positivity and hope, a new booth, a new project (ielele.ro) & a new fly fishing product – after a 2,5 years long break due to the Corona-pandemic – we set off to the 16th EWF, a fly fishing fair that has surely found a huge place in our fly fishers’ hearts during the last 7 years :)

Fly Fishing Romania, Revolution-Amadou, ielele & Borisfly at the EWF 2021

On arrival – ah, the joy, the excitement!!! Maybe you know the feeling you get when you see the many familiar faces smiling back at you with happiness? (Or maybe you’re a badass and don’t even notice them if any?! :D) In any case, that was the feeling we got, so we definitely knew: we just arrived to the right place for having a great weekend in this big and still small family of fly fishing and fly tying junkies :D

Captions from the EWF 2021

Goodies for flyfishers at the EWF 2021

Did we have any expectations? Not really… we were just happy to be there and very curios of how it’ll turn out, having the fair organized at only one third of its normal size and having us placed in a completely other space then we used to have years in a row. And you know what? This all turned out to be a great thing for us (yes, we don’t stop being optimistic :D)! We did actually get to see a lot of new faces at our stand (and I personally really do have a good visual memory :D) and were immensely pleased by the visit of many of our former customers and old friends.

Some of the old and new faces who made us happy at the EWF 2021

If you didn’t get the chance to visit this year’s EWF you should know that there’s the 17th EWF already planned for the 2nd & 3rd April 2022, and if you haven’t got the chance to meet us yet, save the dates also for the other fly fishing fairs we’ll hopefully be able to attend to next year:  22-23 Jan. 2022 for the Swiss Sportfishing Fair & 12-13 Feb. 2022 for the British Fly Fair International – BFFI.

Our deepest gratitude and respect to the organizers, Robert and Michaela Stroh & Armin and Nicole Pijawetz, for invinting us there, for their great, impeccable work and their hard-working team! Also our sincere thanks to all our customers and to those who visited our stand! You made our days there! 😉

Stay healthy everyone and don’t forget to book your next fly fishing and/or outdoor adventure with us & to make yourselves a present with our premium, hand-made products! 😉



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