It is of course the era of individual travelling, when people can find almost all the necessary information regarding their next holiday on the Internet. But still, nothing compares to a professional, personalized assistance and service while planning and while being on your holiday, right?

By booking our services you can:

  • still have the liberty of deciding the location and the time of your stay (see the Tailor-made section);
  • be either an experienced or an unexperienced fly fisher, you are very welcome on all our tours;
  • forget about mass-tourism and just enjoy a fly fishing trip with a few other like-minded people, in a group of maximum 8;
  • fly fish mainly for wild salmonides (not stocked) on a river, its tributaries and/or a lake;
  • mix the pleasure of being outdoors with the cosiness of a full-board accommodation in 3*** guesthouses (see pictures below), where local food with mainly regional products energize you for the next fly fishing day;
  • enjoy a flexible program and the professional assistance and guidance of our English and/or German speaking collaborators on all tours;
  • take your non-fly fishing partner with you – we can arrange upon request additional services for him/her;
  • contribute to a higher quality of life of the locals and to the protection of the rivers you fish, just by being our guest – How? Well you help us on one side, engage locals in our business and pay them fairly for their services, and on the other side, you support us financially in our work with local decision-makers, in writing and reinvesting in different nature conservation projects. That’s the main part of our concept of a sustainable fishing tourism 🙂

Here are some tips that will ease your decision in choosing a tour:

  • Tour 1: Transylvania beyond the legend takes place in the Western Carpathians, close to Apuseni Natural Park. The area is a well-known destination among hikers and cave-lovers, so this tour includes a little bit of hiking too. Fishing here is a great experience for both beginners and versed fly fishers. The rivers have here mainly wild fish that you can fish catch, such as brown trout, brook trout and grayling. In the nearby lake there’s lake trout, chub, perch and pike to fish. Check out this article for more information and pictures of the area.
  • Tour 2: To nymph or not to nymph – Medieval adventures brings you in the heart of Transylvania, close to the Eastern Carpathians and the birth place of the well-known prince Vlad Dracul, no one else but Dracula. The whole area is a beloved travel destination thanks to its rich German and Hungarian culture and also for its interesting geology. This is why the tour includes the visit of some well-known cultural sites, which will surely enthuse you. Fishing here is a pleasure for all, even if the water is a little bit deeper and faster than on Tour 1. Here you can fish the rivers for both wild and stocked fish, such as brownies, brook and rainbow trouts and also grayling. The lake that we’re going to fish together has lake trout, pike, barbel, perch and chub as well. You can read more about the area here.
  • Tour 3: Gin Clear – Into the wild takes you to the Southern Carpathians, near Retezat National Park and Biosphere Reserve and is thought mainly for experienced fly fishers and lovers of wild rivers and creeks, with shy, wild fish. Fishing here is a challenge, being pretty technical. You can fish the creeks and rivers here mainly for brown trout and grayling and the lake for lake trout. Being so close to the national park, you can choose to go also hiking, or to visit the geopark and/or some cultural and archaeological sites, which are emblematic for the Romanian history.