Oh, what joy! What a relief! :D An obvious feeling of victory over the pandemic and a step towards a normality, that we used to know – and maybe not used to cherish enough. We just received yesterday the application form for our participation at the EWF – Experience the World of Fly Fishing, the European fly fishing fair trade where we had first made ourselves known 7 years ago as “Fly Fishing Romania”.

This time we don’t take it as granted and we are even more thankful for being able to take part again to this – you could name it – phenomenon! 😊 So, thank you dear organizers, thank you, Bavarian decision-makers for allowing fair trades happen! :D

As German would say, “lange Rede, kurzer Sinn” – long story short – save the DATE: 23-24 October, LOCATION: Fürstenfeldbruck (near Münich). Come visit us in the Tenne, on the 1st floor – We will have a new booth, fish-candies from Borisfly and our premium amadou fly dryer – Revolution-Amadou – with a special offer! 😉

Bye, stay healthy and see you there!



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