Many have asked themselves before buying one of our amadou fly driers: what is the difference between Revolution-Amadou Premium and Revolution-Amadou GTX?

So here it is: Both models are designed to be sustainable, high quality fly fishing products. They are both made with premium quality, Romanian amadou & they incorporate a unique drainage system. This system helps the amadou layers dry much faster than in the case of the usual amadou products and this way, to offer it a longer life. Furthermore, they can both be repaired, whereas the amadou sheets can be replaced so that you can have a gorgeous, premium quality fly drier – season, after season.. after season… after season… :)

Our Premium Revolution-Amadou is the first model of a sustainable fly drying patch we’ve developed and patented. The evaporation of the moisture within the amadou layers is supported by the channels carved inside of the carbon fiber plates and by the tiny holes along them. It is a, some say, “elegant” product, having the black carbon fiber plates lacquered and sober.

Revolution-Amadou GTX incorporates, just like the first model, layers of best quality amadou. The special detail about this model is that it is designed with a breathable membrane, which we attach on the carbon fiber plates for two purposes: to protect the amadou layers (from outside water drops) and to assure an effective evaporation of the absorbed water inside the amadou layers. So our GTX has no channels along the carbon fiber plates, but the breathable membrane and the bigger holes. All together with the same function, the channels have. Revolution-Amadou GTX is for many a “sporty” model, not lacquered, but with a colourful touch ;)

Revolution-Amadou Premium & Revolution-Amadou GTX

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