This year’s International Experience the World of Fly Fishing was indeed a special one! It’s been 10 years since the event was first organized and its organizing team wanted to mark this anniversary in a special way. Since the exhibitors come from over 25 nations, we were all asked to represent our countries/regions, not only through our offer, but also through wearing traditional costumes and through putting more colour in the whole event.

EWF Munich 2015 Experience the World of Fly Fishing – Erlebnis

(lots of other proving pictures for that are here to see).

For us it was an extraordinary experience in every matter:

We’re very proud we’ve been the first exhibitors EVER who represented Romania as a destination for fly fishing at this biggest and best-known fly fishing exhibition in Europe! We had amazing people around, gained the friendship of great fly fishermen/-women and we had the pleasure to talk to lots visitors, who were very interested in who we are and what Romania has to offer in matter of fly fishing.

Romania has become with the 10th EWF A Great, New Destination for Fly Fishing!!

Pagina Programmheft

By placing us on page 2 in the program brochure, the organizers proved us that our presence at the EWF must be something very special indeed!

Thank you, our visitors, for your interest and thank you, management and organizing team of the EWF, for the opportunity you gave us, by accepting our participation! We must say, it’s been a flawless cooperation and communication with the team which we highly appreciate and we’re happy to have the chance to be there next year also, on the 9th and 10th April 2016, at the Event Forum in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany.


Liviu with our new good friends, the main representative of the organizing team of EWF, Michaela Stroh, and the head of Dürkop Full-Service-Flyfishing, Thomas Dürkop


Smara with one of the greatest fly casting instructors, Glenda Powell


The two us with no one other than Paddy McDonnell

We’ve also had the chance to talk to Antonio Pozzoloni, head of Pozzoloni Fly Fishing and with Roberto Messori, publisher and editor at Fly Line di Roberto Messori



with Eddy Scheinpflug from FishBone Custom Rod Shop

More pictures from the event are soon to be seen also on our website.

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