Fly Fishing Romania is our family project, based on our desire to share with you, our guests, the beauty of our homeland, Romania: its nature, its culture and its mysteries. Fly Fishing Romania is the materialization of our wish to try and play a part in the protection and preservation of this beauty, to discover and to share it with you and to enhance the bond between man and nature, so that the younger generations can share the same thrill of catching wild trout in one of Europe’s last wilderness. Our project focuses therefore not only on the promotion of fly fishing itself in Romania, but moreover on the practice of a sustainable fly fishing in our homeland.

We address ourselves to all fly fishing and nature lovers and to those, who are ready to explore wild and catchy mountain rivers together with us and others who share the same interest.

Our actual fly fishing destinations are located in three beautiful parts of Romania: in the Western Carpathians, close to the Apuseni Natural Park, in the Southern Carpathians, in the Retezat National Park and Biosphere Reserve and in the heart of Transylvania, close to the birth place of the well-known prince Vlad Dracul, no one else but Dracula. The tours are mainly based on fly fishing activities, but also include hiking and visiting cultural sites. More about our tours can be read in our “Tours”-category.

Who we are:

eu_HOMEMy name is Smaranda-Mihaela Neagoe. Simply: Smara. Born in Oradea, Romania, lived for over 6 years in Germany and now in Switzerland. I’m a Geographer and specialized in three fields of research: “Tourism Geography”, “Sustainable Planning and Landuse” and “Education for Sustainable Development”. Even if they seem to approach pretty different domains, they all have in common one thing, on which I also focused on in my projects: the “management” of the relationship between man and nature. My belief is that the humans are not only capable of learning and adapting to the changing state of their immediate environment, but that they’re also capable of understanding their role and/or position in this vivid and continuous interaction between them and the environment. My role in turn as a Geographer has become with time to raise awareness about the existence and importance of the afore mentioned role of mankind, to translate people the language of nature and to inform them regarding the influence they have on each other, with the aim of finding/developing an appropriate strategy for making this interaction a sustainable one.

During my student years I got to know Romania’s beauty also from this professional point of view: I got to understand the way the amazing landscapes developed here and moreover I gathered ideas for their protection and promotion by means of a responsible tourism. In the last years, Romania’s wilderness stands as one of the last bastions in way of progress: Romania still has untouched nature, the largest wildlife population in Europe (after Russia), a rich culture and history and the most welcoming way of sharing it with others.

I came into the world of fly fishing thanks to my husband, Liviu, and we decided together to try and share through fly fishing activities Romania’s natural and traditional beauties with you, our welcomed guests. I’ll let my husband tell you something about himself:

CIMG6376Hi, I’m Liviu Neagoe, a.k.a. “Doc”. I am a specialist surgeon in urology, also trained in general surgery and emergency medicine. Former climber and expeditionary, keen fly fisherman, I developed with time a healthy obsession for nature. This is my church. Trying to escape the stressful rhythm of my daily routine, divided between 8-10 hours of surgery/day and couple of hours of time with my wife, we decided it’s time to do something more for ourselves. We started this family endeavour not only to share with you our own holidays, but also to make you a part of our “master plan” of protecting the values and beauties we’ve discovered during our summer adventures in our homeland.

This is our way to say “thank you nature!”, “thank you Romania!”, welcome Home!