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The¬†price for our 8 days-tours is 875¬†‚ā¨/person (price calculated for a minimum of two participants). For booking a second tour during¬†the same season we offer a discount of 10% for it!

For tailor made tours, the price depends on the conditions and services stated here, so please contact us and we’ll make you an offer. In case of short notice decisions (i.e. less than 2 weeks before a tour’s start) we’ll still do our best to manage offers and fulfill your request for an additional 15% from the total cost of the tour.

The price for the 8-days tour includes:

– pick-up and transfer (to and from the accommodation throughout the tour),
– travel costs for the half-day-tours,
– accommodation in 3*** guesthouse,
Рthree traditional meals a day (including breakfast beverage: coffee, milk & tea, tap water, home made syrup),
– fly fishing guidance & assistance,
– fly tying sessions throughout the tour,
– insights about other fly fishing destinations in Romania and about Romania itself.

The price for the 8-days tour does NOT include: 

Рthe rental of fly fishing gear (flies can be ordered and bought in advance),
– the travel costs to the fly fishing destination and back
– the fees for optional tours,
– beverage, except for breakfast beverage,
Рthe entrance fees during the half-day tours or for other optional tours,
–¬†the costs for the fishing permit & licence*.

* Costs for a Romanian fly fishing permit are¬†~ 40¬†‚ā¨/year/person. The price for the fishing licence¬†varies¬†from area to area¬†according to their managing authority (fishing club, Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Waters and Fisheries), i.e. approx. 10-12¬†‚ā¨/week/ person.¬†These costs shell be paid to us on arrival.