This section is a small selection of personal portraits of our game partners.

Grayling, trout (brown, brook, rainbow), chub, pike, zander (or pike-perch), carp and barbel as well. Proudly “made in Romania”! They are the reason we go out there. Say “hello!”, “goodbye!”, and if you practice C&R maybe “hello-again!” some day! Infos about specific fish we fish for on our tours, are here to read.


With an amazing attention to detail and combining traditional with modern materials, the flies we use are a true work of art. Not only that, but they catch fish! Actually a lot of fish! Take a look at our small selection of them. Before every tour you can order in advance 20 or 40 flies. These are the absolute best flies for the booked tour and you will receive them at arrival. If you decide to order the flies, please place your order at least 4 weeks before the beginning of your tour in order to have them ready beforehand.




Images on this section are credited to Györfi Zsolt