Based on a public-private-partnership, this project is one of the very few in Romania, if not the single one in Romania, which brings a forestry division, a natural park’s administration, a fishermen’s association and a tour operator together, so that we can achieve the following objectives:
–          Raise awareness among local people, especially among children about the positive role of a sustainable fly fishing tourism and the sustainableregional development of Somesul Cald Valley and the Apuseni Natural Park
–          The promotion of “catch and release” fly fishing, as an outdoor ecotourism activity.
–          The development and promotion of Somesul Cald Valley, between Ic Ponor and Smida, as an international destination for fly fishing for salmonids;


How do we achieve that?
–          We want to create an educational trail for young and future fishermen, called “A day in the life of a trout”. Along the river bank, a series of educational panels 80x70cm will be set creating a path for children with parents or for schools, explaining the biology of the trout and why does it need to be protected together with his environment. This learning path can be walked on foot in about 1,5 – 2hours.


–          We will start a public information campaign among  schools, locals, and fly fishermen fond of the region
–          We will clean up the river bank, we will define catch-and-release river sections and develop a sustainable management system for fishing these waters
–          We will build at least two small waterfalls (as in the picture above) for a better water oxygenation of the water and for stopping invasive fish species like chub to invade the trout waters
–          We need to restock with pure wild baby trout in order to regain the decaying numbers of trout due to excessive/illegal fishing


The project is an example of good collaboration and voluntary work for a noble aim.

All the hard work will be done on voluntary basis, putting up together teams of volunteers to achieve the goals (one team will take care of the restocking and the interactive path, two other teams will take care of building the waterfalls). The project will start on 11 of June 2016 as we drive up the mountains with the baby trout needed for the restocking and will go on until 18 of June (10 days).

In the weekend 16-18 June we hope to be able to lead the first groups of kids in the Natural Park and show them the beauty of fly fishing as a way to protect and conserve nature.

For the fulfillment of the above we need manpower and financial resources:
–          development and construction of information panels: 576 EUR (includes the printed information panels,  the wood for supporting the panels, screws and varnish).
–          stocking with indigenous trout: 965 EUR (includes 10.000 alevins, and their transport from the fishery over the Apuseni mountains to the small tributary stream where they will be placed )
–          building the small wood waterfalls: 845 EUR (includes approx. 7 m3 of wood, screws, steel rods and other materials);

TOTAL: 2.386 EUR

These are the first steps towards a successful project. Please help us reach our goals and get involved either with your voluntary work or by donation. You are happily invited to join the team! (camping is for free) We will regularly post pictures to show you how things are doing at the scene.

Through your contribution we will be able to encourage the education of children through sustainable fly fishing and we will help one of the most beautiful regions of Romania to become a great fly fishing destination in the Romanian Carpathians!

You can visit the project in development on the Blog section on our  and follow us on Facebook .

We hope to have you as guests and share with you the pristine beauty of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains and their wild streams!

Thank you for being part of this!